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We have visited Mother Teresa Home for Hope for Children on 20th July’19. Just sharing my experience of connection with orphanages. I still remember the moment we entered to the building, One of the Kid just shouted “all came” like he was waiting for us. Our team had bought new clothes and some grocery from the amount collected from team…! 
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We do not need leaders because society tells us we do, and we do not need leaders because our employers enforce it upon us, we need leaders simply because we are born with a natural desire to be led.  We are predisposed with a need to be guided, nurtured and supported throughout our lives at all levels and in all 
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We all are well aware of the epic Mahabharata. The stories that almost all of us have grown up with hold relevance even during present times. The deeply philosophical ideas that linger throughout the epic have a lot to teach us about the art of living. These are few –  1. A revengeful instinct can only lead to one’s doom 
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