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The Team

MilMila Team

Making a company and shaping into organisation is not so easy, so these are the significant leaders who gave the shape to MilMila.

Prasun Sarkar
CEO, MilMila India Pvt Ltd.

Prasun Sarkar founded MilMila in 2017. He is currently the CEO of MilMila & having experience in Designing, UI and E-Com Ops.

Sivakumar S
Vice President, Technology

Sivakumar S. is the Vice President, Tech & Reseller of MilMila Tech India & bags 14+ years’ experience in technology.

Paras Pincha
Vice President, Finance and Co-operations

Paras Pincha is now the Vice President, Finance and Co-operations of MilMila Tech India.

Manash Mishra
HR & Catalog Ops

Manash is currently heading the Catalog Ops and Human Resource of MilMila Tech.

Alok Ranjan
Sales & Marketing

Alok is currently managing the Local Sourcing and Seller on-boarding for MilMila.

Ashish Srivastava
Sales & Marketing

Ashish is a MBA Professional and he is heading the Sourcing part from North India.